AH switches to digital stamp saving Money

The system remains that a customer can buy stamps for € 0.10 for every euro of groceries. Those stamps are automatically credited to the AH app after purchase, which provides an overview of the stamps saved. With a full digital booklet with 490 stamps (so € 49), customers receive the deposited amount plus € 3. That is 6% of the accrued amount, just like in the old system with physical savings cards.

Last year Albert Heijn already started with digital savings via the bonus card during savings campaigns. According to the supermarket giant, digital saving is easier and more environmentally friendly, because of the savings in paper and waste. What will certainly also play a part is that in this way the company will gain better insight into the purchasing behavior and wishes of the bonus card holder.

Incomplete stamp booklet

The existing purchase stamps and savings books are being phased out, Albert Heijn says on Monday. Customers who still have an incomplete stamp booklet can complete their booklet until December 31, 2020.

With the abolition of the paper stamp booklets, an era at Albert Heijn comes to an end. The supermarket started it in 1955.


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