Ailing funeral organization Yarden nevertheless taken over by DELA | Financial

In the meantime, however, Yarden was ruled in favor by the judge and complaints institute Kifid. The Consumers’ Association also stopped preparations for a lawsuit.

Yarden had cut back the policies of a large group of policyholders because of his financial position. They had taken out insurance so that the entire funeral would be arranged, but due to increased costs, Yarden decided to make a maximum amount of it.

DELA guarantees the holders of the in-kind policies that they will not have to pay extra for the next ten years if they use the organization’s own funeral company. There will also be a pot of € 1 million for compassionate cases and people who have wrongly paid extra in recent years will be compensated.

The acquisition can also solve Yarden’s renewed financial problems. The buffers that the funeral service as insurer must maintain from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) were too low at the end of last year. The company had submitted a recovery plan for this. In 2019, those buffers were already too low, and then it decided to adjust the policies as part of the attempt to replenish them.

The Consumers’ Association says it will stop the legal proceedings, because otherwise the interests of all more than 1.3 million policyholders of Yarden would be endangered. “In March last year, we concluded that Yarden’s application of the en bloc clause is legally rattling. That is why we prepared a substantive procedure. We also asked Yarden to inspect their financial situation. It now turns out to be very dire, ”says Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumers’ Association. “Continuing our fight would be irresponsible and probably lead to the insurer going into bankruptcy. Then all Yarden customers will be left empty-handed. We don’t want that. ‘


Yarden had been in financial trouble for some time due to the persistently low interest rates and had therefore started looking for a buyer. The ever-increasing costs of funerals also played a role. That is why the company decided in the summer of 2019 to downsize its funeral insurance package for 390,000 policyholders.

From now on, relatives were allowed to put together a package worth a few thousand euros and had to pay the rest of the costs for, for example, crematoria, coffin or transport of the funeral.

According to DELA, the merger with Yarden can take place quickly once the regulators approve it. In the short term, the DELA will cost some money, but the takeover will give the Eindhoven cooperative better national coverage of crematoria and funeral homes. There are also more members, which means that the costs can be better distributed and there are cost advantages because both parties now partly do the same work.

Bears Elkanders Lasten, as DELA’s full name is, has approximately 2000 employees and more than 4 million policyholders. The company carries out about 45,000 funerals every year. Yarden employs 900 people and 200 volunteers and the association has approximately 1 million policyholders. DELA says it wants to “limit the consequences for personnel as much as possible.”


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