Air France offers “Corona Insurance”

The French airline will also offer free rebooking options until March 2021.

If you are currently planning a flight, you probably cannot avoid worrying about what to do if the worst comes to the worst – if you get sick or have to go into quarantine on the way despite all protective measures in the course of a coronavirus infection.

Air France would like to alleviate this concern and, together with Allianz, is launching extended insurance coverage that can be purchased when booking. The company “now also offers coverage if they get sick or have to be quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic such as Covid-19,” said an Air France broadcast. This offer is currently only available to customers residing in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK, but will be expanded to other countries shortly.

Apart from this extended insurance offer, Air France is now also more flexible if a passenger prefers not to fly as planned: If a customer wants to cancel their trip, the ticket can now be changed to a different date and destination at no additional cost – if the change of destination leads to a change in price, only the price difference will be charged. Alternatively, you can have a refundable voucher issued. These measures apply to all trips up to March 31, 2021. In addition, passengers who are members of the Flying Blue loyalty program will have their miles and Experience Points (XP) doubled for all trips up to the end of 2020.


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