Airbnb starts search function for vacation ‘somewhere in the future’

Planning a vacation in advance has never been so difficult. Rental platform Airbnb is therefore introducing the option ‘flexible dates’, with which you can make holiday plans without having to set a specific date.

Making travel plans without actually making them concrete is not exactly useful on an average booking website. The first question is the exact date you want to leave, followed by the number of nights. A specific destination is of course also essential. And let that be precisely the three aspects that we are currently difficult to estimate in advance, with a worldwide virus that is mercilessly waltzing across national borders and circled departure dates.

‘Weekend away’ to ‘stay for months’

Rental platform Airbnb is now meeting that uncertain future, and lets you dream away from a holiday without having to stick with a fixed term. The ‘flexible dates’ feature, which was rolled out in late February, allows you to browse between potential vacation spots without setting a precise date. Instead, you as a user have the choice of a ‘weekend away’, a ‘vacation of a week’ or even a ‘stay for months’, for the digital nomads among us. You can then select a month.

Screenshot Airbnb

“It’s no surprise that Covid-19 is changing and will continue to change the way we travel,” Airbnb said in a press release. “The ‘flexible data’ option is part of a broader shift in how we will travel in the future. The traditional travel industry is built around fixed destinations and fixed dates, but that model no longer meets the needs of travelers today, ”he said. Last week, the company announced that it was preparing for a new type of tourism.

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