‘Airbnb wants to raise 3 billion with an IPO’

It’s no secret that Airbnb is preparing an IPO, but it seems the company is getting a much higher rating than could have been suspected just a few months ago.

According to Reuters, the company can be valued at more than $ 30 billion. At the IPO, where initially only a limited portion of the shares are offered, this could yield Airbnb 3 billion euros.


That is a big boost. When the company had to borrow 2 billion euros in April – in the middle of the lockdown in many countries – the company was only worth 18 billion euros, according to investors.

Airbnb was hit hard by the measures to combat the corona virus. Travel restrictions around the world led to a plunge in the number of bookings made through the platform.


In the second quarter of the year, revenues fell by almost 70 percent. According to Bloomberg, a loss of $ 400 million was recorded during that period.

Since then, Airbnb is said to have seen a dramatic revival, Reuters writes. Travelers who avoid hotels would see rented homes through Airbnb as a safe alternative.

The IPO is still in pencil on the agenda for December of this year. Depending on the circumstances, this can still change.


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