Airbus A350: This is what it looks like in the VIP government plane from Merkel & Co.

The federal government's Airbus A350.

The federal government’s Airbus A350.

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The German Air Force has a new VIP jet, the Airbus A350-900 XWB. In summer 2020 Lufthansa Technik handed over the first of three A350 aircraft to the German armed forces, which will in future fly Germany’s leading government officials around the world, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. The government placed the order for the new jets in 2019 to replace the aging fleet of Airbus A340-300 jets.

The order for the jets came after Angela Merkel was forced to turn around on the way to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in 2018 due to technical problems. The new Airbus now only has two engines instead of four and, according to Airbus, enables additional ranges of around 800 nautical miles.

The A350-900 XWB is one of Airbus’ newest aircraft and is used in long-haul fleets of airlines around the world. Germany was the first country to buy the VIP variant for government use. Since there are numerous Airbus production facilities in Germany, parts of the aircraft were even manufactured in the country, although the final assembly took place in France.

You can take a look at the federal government’s VIP jet in the following picture gallery:

The “German Air Force One”: This is what the German government’s A350 jet looks like

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