Airpods Pro for only 205 euros at Saturn & Amazon

You can currently get Apple’s popular Airpods Pro from retailers Saturn and Amazon at top prices.

In the new deal flyer from the electronics retailer Saturn you will find the currently popular ones

Airpods Pro with Magsafe charging case

at the top price of

only 205 euros

– currently the absolute best price, as the price comparison proves. And Amazon has also followed suit with the bargain offer, here you can also get the Airpods Pro at the best price. Apple’s recommended retail price is 279 euros.

Apple Airpods Pro review

Macwelt conclusion:

Apple didn’t invent active noise cancellation for in-ear systems, but it implemented it flawlessly. There is no loss of sound due to the anti-noise, on the contrary, the sound is even better compared to deactivated noise canceling. Surprisingly, it doesn’t even cost a lot of energy: without suppression, the Airpods Pro can play five hours of music on one charge, four and a half with the technology activated. Telephoning is more draining of the battery: three hours of constant chattering is possible with one charge.

The surcharge compared to the Airpods 3 is negligible thanks to the offer, considering that both are delivered with a Magsafe charging case, the Airpods Pro only cost around 20 euros more than the Airpods 3 model.

Thanks to the ear inserts, the fit is now finally firm enough for ears that were previously not suitable for Apple’s True Wireless, without the wearing comfort suffering significantly. The sound is generally one of the best on the market, seamlessly integrating into Apple’s product world in a way that no competing listener can match.

Saturn: Top deals from the new offers brochure

Saturn: Top deals from the new offers brochure


In Saturn’s new deal flyer you will find some exciting offers at top prices.

Straight to Saturn’s “hit” deals

Media Markt: Strong offers in the deal flyer

© Media Markt

Media Markt is also enticing at the start of the new year with great deals from the new offers brochure.

Directly to the “voucher booklet” deals from Media Markt

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