Airpods (Pro) in price decline: Current savings offers

Apple’s popular earphones are available from many suppliers. The current Airpods Pro are already available for 179 euros and the new Airpods 3 are also significantly cheaper.

One of the most popular Apple products is the Airpods, but if you buy them from the Apple Store, you pay full list price. Apple only offers discounts on Black Friday. However, specialist retailers often offer the Airpods at significantly lower prices. The Airpods Pro in particular are available here with a discount of up to 30 percent, and there are even higher discounts for the Airpods Max. And the new Airpods 3 have already fallen in price.

Current offers for the Airpods Pro (RRP: 279 euros)

Airpods Pro at Mindfactory for 179 euros + VSK

Airpods Pro at Gravis for 193 euros

Airpods Pro at AfB for 195 euros

Airpods Pro at Galaxus for 202 euros

Airpods Pro on Amazon for 205 euros

(Warning: frequent price adjustments by Amazon)

Current offers for the Airpods 3 (RRP: 199 euros)

Airpods 3 at AfB for 166 euros

Airpods 3 at Hardwarecamp24 for 169 euros (+ shipping)

Current offers for the Airpods 2 (RRP: 149 euros)

Airpods 2 on Amazon for 129 euros

Current offers for the Airpods Max (RRP: 612.70 euros)

Airpods Max (Green) at Gomibo for 434 euros

Airpods Max (pink) at Gomibo for 419 euros

Important NOTE:

We recommend buying from reputable dealers! Especially on Ebay there are often very cheap offers for the Airpods Pro, it is not uncommon for these to be well-made counterfeits: with a great fit but poor audio and microphone quality. Here we explain how to recognize counterfeits.

In general, you should also pay attention to the user ratings of the retailers. We give you some tips for assessing the ratings here.

What you should know: A new version of the Airpods Pro is expected later this year, probably in the fall. Here you can read more about it .

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