AirPods Studio: New details on Apple’s new luxury headphones

The chief of Apple, Tim Cook.

  • Rumors are currently popping up that Apple’s new over-ear headphones, the AirPods Studio, may be equipped with a number of sensors.
  • According to the “9to5Mac” technology page, the headphones can detect whether the user is wearing them on their head or around their neck and automatically interrupt the sound accordingly.
  • The AirPods Studio should also have active noise cancellation, which completely suppresses ambient noise if desired.

There is a lot of talk about Apple’s new over-ear headphones. Rumor has it that the AirPods Studio – the name that is currently circulating for the headphones – could be equipped with a number of sensors that automatically detect whether they are worn on the head or around the neck and which ear they are on.

According to “9to5Mac”, AirPods Studio should also automatically stop the songs if the headphones are not worn on the head. A similar function already exists with the normal AirPods.

Another pair of sensors determines which auricle is over which ear and adjusts the audio channel accordingly. This should make it irrelevant in the future how you put on the headphones.

In addition, the AirPods Studio should have a mode for active noise cancellation. This should completely filter out the ambient noise, similar to the AirPods Pro. If you pair the headphones with a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you should also be able to manually set various sound functions.

Market launch of AirPods Studio still unclear

It is still unclear when the AirPods Studio will be launched. However, the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assumes that the headphones will go into mass production in mid-2020.

If this prognosis is correct, the headphones – regardless of possible delays due to the corona virus’ – could come onto the market in late summer or early autumn.

With regard to the price range, there is currently no precise information either. The well-known hacker and YouTuber Jon Prosser assumes a starting price of around 366 euros. This estimate is based on a mysterious AirPod model that Prosser discovered earlier this year in a listing by the US retailer Target.

Apple has not yet commented on’s request.

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