Airpods: The best pre-Prime Day deals

Apple’s popular earphones are already discounted before the start of Prime Day. The Airpods Pro are available from 195 euros, the Airpods 3 for 160 euros.

The Amazon Prime Day with strong discounts from all categories starts next week and runs for a full two days. But there are already some advance offers. While only Prime members have access to the offers on Prime Day, you can also order the current offers as a “normal” Amazon customer. If you don’t want to miss the bargains on Prime Day, you can also test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge in order to be able to take advantage of all the offers.

Apple Airpods on Amazon (price could still drop on Prime Day!)

Apple Airpods Pro on Amazon (price could drop on Prime Day!)

Apple Airpods 3 on Amazon (price could drop on Prime Day!)

In the Technology & IT category, Amazon offered best prices for smartphones, smartwatches, SSDs, software, tablets, notebooks, gaming accessories and e-scooters on Prime Day last year. Apple deals like the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, Apple iPad Pro, Apple Airpods and countless accessories were also available.

It’s already worth taking a look at the Amazon offer page. Not to forget: Other retailers often also offer large discounts during Prime Days.

Airpods on sale

The current three Airpods models are a bestseller, and even before the start of Amazon Prime Day, the earphones are available at high discounts. If you buy it from the Apple Store, you pay the full list price.

Current offers for the Airpods Pro (RRP: 279 euros)

Airpods Pro at Pricezilla for 198 euros

Airpods Pro on Amazon for 203 euros

Current offers for the Airpods 3 (RRP: 199 euros)

Airpods 3 at X-Kom for 160 euros

Airpods 3 at Pricezilla for 170 euros

Airpods 3 on Amazon for 173 euros

Current offers for the Airpods 2 (RRP: 149 euros)

Airpods 2 at Gomibo for 123 euros

Airpods 2 on Amazon for 129 euros

Current offers for the Airpods Max (RRP: 612.70 euros)

Airpods Max (Black or Silver) at Pricezilla for 449 euros

Airpods Max (pink) at Gomibo for 403 euros

Current offers for the Beats Fit Pro (RRP: 230 euros)

Beats Fit Pro (Gray or Purple) on Amazon for 182 euros

Important note: There are often very cheap offers for the Airpods Pro, especially on Ebay, and it is not uncommon for these to be well-made counterfeits: with a great fit, but poor audio and microphone quality. Here we explain how to recognize counterfeits.

Airpods 3 or Airpods Pro?

our recommendation

The Airpods 3 are even better than the Airpods Pro in some respects. The third generation offers a longer battery life of up to six hours (on a single charge, the Pro models only offer 4.5 hours). The charging case also supplies the headphones with more power, so the Airpods 3 last up to 30 hours, the Airpods Pro only 24 hours. However, if you value active noise suppression, you should rather use the Pro models. This feature is currently reserved for the Airpods Pro and Airpods Max.

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