Ajax captain Dusan Tadic attacked, team reports

PSV played a draw against Ajax yesterday, so that the team from Eindhoven can probably forget the national title. After Ajax captain Dusan Tadic equalized in the 92nd minute, things got out of hand in the stadium with pushing and pulling.

Angry PSV fans

Outside the stadium, Tadic was then attacked by angry PSV fans. That happened when he walked to the players bus. Tadic got something thrown at him, but got to the bus without any problems. View the images here:

Ajax will report attempted assault, the club has announced.

The necessary police were on hand at the stadium to keep an eye on the dozens of supporters. The fans, not yet welcome in the stadium due to the corona measures, were angry at Tadic for allegedly insulting PSV captain Denzel Dumfries.

Penalty kick in injury time

Dumfries tried to get Tadic out of concentration when he was allowed to take a penalty kick in injury time. That penalty resulted in the 1-1.

Then the two got into a fight. Tadic called out to Dumfries. “You shouldn’t say anything about my mother”, said the angry PSV player afterwards.


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