Ajax has scale within: champion in the premier league for gamers

The Ajax duo Hagebeuk and Paliama won the final day of the FIFA 21 competition eDivisie late on Wednesday evening, after they already finished first in the regular season. They defeated Renzo Oemrawsingh and Levi de Weerd from Vitesse in the final on Wednesday evening.

At its peak, 40,000 YouTube viewers watched the FIFA match between Ajax and Vitesse. An amount of 25,000 euros was distributed among the other seven finalists.

“The fact that we just missed the title last year makes this win all the more beautiful”, said Hagebeuk. Ajax lost the final to PEC Zwolle last year.

The next eDivisie season will start at the beginning of March, which will end with the final in May.

Due to the corona virus, the football gamers are no longer directly opposite each other during the matches of the Edivisie. They are forced to stay at home or sit in the stadium of their club. All competitions are online.

PlayStation and Xbox

Each Eredivisie club has two gamers under contract for the eDivisie. One of them plays the popular football game FIFA 21 on an Xbox, the other on a PlayStation. They play against the same opponent at the same time. The scores are added together and that is the final result of a duel.

The gamers can line up any available player in FIFA 21. It is therefore possible to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together in the shirt of PEC Zwolle.

The four gamers in the eDivisie final also get a place in the pre-selection of the new Dutch game team, called E_Oranje.


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