Akwasi is considering its role within ZWART broadcaster

Akwasi did not want to speak about his much-discussed speech at Dam Square last June. “My reaction after the missed interview with the EO is not justifiable,” Akwasi said in a short response. “I’m going to ask myself how this could have happened and what my role within Omroep ZWART will be.”

Omroep ZWART was launched at the end of September by initiators Akwasi and Gianni Grot for more diversity and color on Dutch television. The broadcaster has now managed to attract more than 57,000 members and is thus trying to be admitted to the broadcasting system.

Last week, Akwasi apologized in writing and verbally to the makers of Dit is de Dag. The musician knew that the interview would also cover the Black Lives Matter demonstration provided it wouldn’t be “excruciatingly long”. When the moment was finally discussed, Akwasi cut off the interview after some questions about the speech and pulled the plugs from the technician’s laptop. For example, there was no answer to the question whether he had prepared the words about “Black Pete kicking”.


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