Albert Heijn cannot fulfill its plastic bag promise: ‘Takes a little longer’

In March of last year, the supermarket chain announced that it would soon end its disposable bags for your green beans and cauliflowers. “At the end of 2021, the free plastic bags will have disappeared in all stores,” the supermarket said at the time.

By no longer providing free plastic bags, 243,000 kilos of plastic waste would be saved. Yet they are still in many AH locations, as if nothing has changed.


A spokesperson for the supermarket chain confirms that the old disposable bags have not yet disappeared from the store image, but emphasizes that that is still the goal. It should really be that far in a few months. “It’s taking a little longer than we planned.”

According to the supermarket ‘there is quite a lot involved’. The problem would mainly lie in the alternative ‘fresh bag’ of the Zaanse large grutter.

That bag (30 cents each) is washable and reusable, but apparently there was still something wrong with it. “Based on the first customer experiences, we have improved the quality of the fresh bags,” the spokesperson said.

It turned out that the bags did not come out easily from the packaging and were sometimes damaged as a result. That shortcoming should be solved, but now there are not enough fresh bags to ban the plastic from the vegetable department.

Albert Heijn’s new estimate is that in two to three months the plastic bags will no longer be in the supermarket.

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