Albert Heijn opens the door to more permanent jobs in distribution centers | Financial

It is true that there are only thirty jobs, but trade unions CNV and FNV call the agreements they agreed upon in collective bargaining a step in the right direction. According to the unions, Albert Heijn has not created new permanent jobs in the past ten years.

The approximately 5,000 employees of Albert Heijn’s five distribution centers will also receive an additional wage in two steps until mid-April 2023, a total of 5.75 percent. Agreements were also made about early retirement and an extended job guarantee.

CNV says it is not dissatisfied with the result achieved. That union presents the agreements neutrally to the members, says negotiator Soraya Faez. FNV is a bit more cheerful. Federation director Özcan Colak is satisfied with the result. FNV members are also still allowed to vote on the new collective labor agreement agreements.


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