Aldel stops production due to high gas price

The reason for the significant reduction is the high gas price.

it can’t be done

“The price for a megawatt hour of gas is now 300 euros,” financial director Eric Wildschut told RTL Z. “Before the corona crisis, that was still 20 euros.”

In concrete terms, this means that a tonne of aluminum costs 4500 euros in electricity costs. “But the market price for a ton of aluminum is 2500 euros,” says Wildschut. “So that’s impossible.”

Production will be shut down from tomorrow; Aldel thinks it will take a few days for that. As of Monday morning, the factory will no longer produce liquid aluminum. “Hopefully this is temporary”, sighs Wildschut. “We are initially thinking of a period of six months.”

Layoffs not excluded

About 400 people work at the factory, who were informed by email today. “The staff is very concerned,” says Klaas Pijper, chairman of the works council. Wildschut does not rule out that people should be fired. They will talk to the unions after the weekend.

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