Aldi family: Public prosecutor’s office is investigating suspected infidelity

Babette Albrecht, widow of Berthold Albrecht and mother of the five heirs.

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New allegations in the Aldi family dispute: The Kiel public prosecutor’s office is investigating members of the Albrecht family on suspicion of infidelity. Accordingly, three heirs from the Aldi-Nord clan are said to have wrongly arranged for millions to be paid out from a foundation’s assets with the help of a lawyer. As a spokesman confirmed on request, a “private report” filed in August triggered the investigation.

According to information from, it is about distributions from the Jakobus Foundation, which is based in Schleswig-Holstein. Together, the four accused are said to have withdrawn large sums of money from the foundation, although a court judgment would have prohibited this. For years, a bitter struggle has been raging within the Albrecht family for power in the Jakobus Foundation. On one side is the warehouse of Theo Albrecht, the son of the company founder, who is in charge of Aldi Nord. On the other hand, the heirs of Theo’s brother Berthold, who died in 2012, are fighting. Babette Albrecht, Berthold’s widow, is the only one to appear in public.

In the mid-1980s, Babette married the son of Aldi-Nord founder Theo. The couple had five children, including quadruplets. At the end of 2012, Berthold Albrecht died at the age of 58. Shortly after his death, the bitter family quarrel broke out.

The background to the dispute is a special power constellation. Aldi Nord owns three foundations named Lukas, Markus and Jakobus. All three foundations must agree to important company decisions.

The Jakobus Foundation was once founded by Berthold Albrecht. Who has the say there has been argued about for years. Last year, Berthold’s children were defeated in the legal dispute before the Federal Administrative Court.

This verdict in the last instance is now also the subject of the allegations of infidelity. Accordingly, the judge’s verdict has not been implemented until today, according to the criminal complaint. Nevertheless, the heirs would have paid out millions, most recently last winter.


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