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Toys and tools on offer at Aldi

From Monday, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd will be offering interesting offers for drivers. Aldi Nord has toys and Aldi Süd tools at low prices. AUTO BILD has all the information!

W.if he is already looking for a Christmas present, he could find it at Aldi from Monday. From October 25th, Aldi Süd will be offering cordless tools and Aldi Nord will be offering toys for small and large car fans at low prices. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochures for you!

Cordless tools on offer at Aldi

As of Monday, Aldi Süd will be offering cordless tools from the Ferrex brand that could be of interest to hobby screwdrivers and DIY enthusiasts. There is, for example, a 20-volt cordless drill that is equipped with a quick stop, left and right rotation and a 13 millimeter quick-release drill chuck with a locking function. Including a 17-piece bit and drill set, but without the battery and charger, the cordless drill / driver costs 19.99 euros. A 20-volt cordless compressor is available for 49.99 euros, also without a battery or charger. The compressor has both an inflating and a venting function. A suitable 20-volt battery is available for 9.99 euros and a suitable charger is available for 7.99 euros. Other battery-powered tools for home, workshop and garden are also on offer from Aldi Süd from Monday.
Best products for wheel swapping to offer

Kunzer WK 1075 FSH

Test winner

Price *: 230.00 euros

Michelin 92416

Price-performance winner

Price *: 79.99 euros

Hazet 5122-3 CT

Test winner

Price *: 144.07 euros

Goodyear 75522

Price-performance winner

Price *: 49.99 euros

Makita DTW 285

Test winner

Price *: 259.00 euros

* Price: Amazon price on October 21, 2021

Toys at Aldi Nord

Aldi Nord has something for small and large car fans. Remote-controlled cars quickly turn children’s and living rooms into racetracks. With the RC Exost X-Monster or the X-Beast from Silverlit, even the garden can be turned into a rally slope: The remote-controlled cars in 1:34 scale are equipped with shock-resistant off-road tires. Including remote control and battery, the railing racers are available for € 12.99 each. You can also race with the remote-controlled RCC-1 car from Maginon, and the mounted Mecanum wheels even make driving noises. Including battery and remote control, the cars are available from 29.99 euros each.

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