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The discounters Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have offers in their program from Monday (November 15) that could be of interest to hobby screwdrivers and do-it-yourselfers: If you want to upgrade your hobby room or screwdriver workshop, you will find tools at low prices in the discounters Offer. AUTO BILD has all the information for you!

Cordless tools on offer at Aldi Nord

At Aldi Nord there will be various cordless tools on offer from Monday that could be useful in the garden, on the house or on the car. There is a cordless polishing machine from the Ferrex brand. The polishing machine has an adjustable idle speed between 2300 and 4500 revolutions per minute. Including two plastic polishing attachments, but without a battery and charger, the polishing machine costs 49.99 euros.
A Ferrex brand cordless compressor is also available for 49.99 euros. The compressor can be operated with a rechargeable battery, a 12-volt cigarette lighter or with 230 volts alternating current. The charger and battery must be purchased separately. A suitable 20-volt battery is available for 17.99 euros, a larger 20/40 volt battery for 39.99 euros. The charger is priced at 14.99 euros. But not only the polishing machine and the compressor can be operated with the batteries and the charger: Aldi Nord also has hand lamps, a cordless hand vacuum cleaner, a hammer drill and various saws on offer from Monday.

Einhell wet and dry vacuum cleaners inexpensive

But Aldi Nord does not only offer battery-operated tools. The BT NTS 1300 A wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Einhell can be purchased from Aldi Nord from Monday. The vacuum cleaner has an output of 1250 watts and can also vacuum liquids. Including various nozzles, the vacuum cleaner costs 69.99 euros. The Einhell company also offers the “Perfect Pen”, a precision screwdriver that is particularly suitable for electrical work or model making. Including a 20-piece bit set and batteries, the screwdriver costs 14.99 euros. A 47-piece or 53-piece socket wrench set from the Workzone brand will also be available from Aldi Nord on Friday for EUR 14.99. Additional tools (including a ratchet wrench set for 13.99 euros) or accessories (for example a motorcycle cover for 15.99 euros) will be available from Aldi Nord from Monday.

Accessories and tools at Aldi Süd

The Auto XS power bank, which will be available from Aldi Süd from Monday, is extremely versatile: it can not only charge tablets, cameras and cell phones, but also serve as a mobile power supply and as a start-up booster for vehicle batteries. The power bank has a nominal capacity of 3 x 5000 mAh. It is equipped with an LC display, jump leads with fully insulated pole terminals and overload protection, an LED torch and an SOS signal function. Including a charging cable with a cigarette lighter plug, a charging adapter and a storage bag, the power bank costs 59.99 euros.
A VDE screwdriver set from the Workzone brand will be on offer for 4.99 euros from Monday, consisting of four slotted and three Phillips screwdrivers and a voltage tester. Aldi Süd has a cordless screwdriver starter set from the Einhell company. The cordless screwdriver has a speed of 200 revolutions per minute. Including add-on accessories, the set costs 29.99 euros. The Makita tool set, which will also be available from Aldi Süd from Monday, consists of 221 parts. The tool is made of chrome vanadium steel. In addition to combination wrenches, socket wrenches, a bit set, a ratchet and screwdriver are included in the set, which costs 89.99 euros. Further tools and accessories can be found at Aldi Süd from Monday.

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