Aldi Süd is now selling this Xiaomi smartwatch

Cheap, cheaper, Amazfit Bip U: This fitness smartwatch is currently available for very little money from one of Germany’s largest discounters.

The Xiaomi subcontractor Amazfit is responsible for a large part of the wearables from the China group and can impress with low prices. The Amazfit Bip U is one of the cheapest models and is being reduced again at Aldi Süd as part of a special offer.

The discounter deducts more than 40 percent from the recommended retail price, which is actually 59 euros. So you get the Amazfit Bip for just 34.99 euros – not much more than you sometimes have to pay for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Amazfit Bip U: That’s how smart it is

The Amazfit Bip cannot be called a real smartwatch due to the lack of Wear OS or any apps that can be installed at all, rather as an inflated fitness band with a large color display – but this is by no means meant negatively.

As a result, it shines with an impressive battery life of up to nine days, according to the manufacturer. You can of course still send notifications from your Android smartphone or iPhone connected via Bluetooth 5.0 to your wrist.

More than 60 sports supported

The square touch display with a diagonal of 1.43 inches naturally not only shows the time and date. More than 60 sport modes are preinstalled, which provide you with a digital companion during your training.

Measure heart rate and blood oxygen

Among other things, you can monitor your heart rate, count steps, calculate the distance covered and have a rough estimate of the calorie consumption. The Amazfit Bip U should even be able to measure the oxygen content in the blood – experience has shown that this is unfortunately not particularly reliable in such wearables.

So that the piece of technology does not fail in the smallest rain shower, it is not only splash-proof, but also withstands dives up to 5 ATM.

Only while supplies last

The Amazfit Bip U is now available for the said 34.99 euros at Aldi Süd in the colors black, green and pink. Aldi points out that this is an offer with a limited number of items – so it could be sold out quickly. Who is striking?


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