Aldi: SUV e-bike from Jeep 1200 euros cheaper – only while stocks last

From June 30, Aldi will be offering a Jeep SUV bike at a greatly reduced price – for every purpose.

Bicycles assisted by electric motors have a new class – SUVs. Unlike most four-wheeled sport utility vehicles (SUV), SUV e-bikes are actually also suitable for off-road use. They also cut a fine figure in the city. An SUV e-bike is a mixture of e-trekking and e-mountain bike. The sheer power of the wheels easily helps you over uneven bike paths and overhanging curbs.

Buy the ULM 7000 SUV e-bike from Aldi (2,799 instead of 3,999 euros RRP)

The manufacturer Jeep E-Bikes has such a hum in its portfolio that

Aldi is currently on offer at a greatly reduced price.

You can save up to 33 percent compared to the RRP. The bike costs

2,799 euros instead of 3,999 euros.

Jeep itself has only reduced the price by half in its online shop! There, the price for the SUV e-bike is 3,399 euros.

The Aldi offer is valid from June 30 at 7 a.m. CEST and runs until August 7, but only while stocks last. The e-bikes are delivered within 5-15 working days. The frame height is 48 centimeters. The permissible total weight is 120 kilograms, the bike alone weighs 25.8 kilograms with the battery (manufacturer information). Two different shapes for men and women are available.

Buy the ULM 7000 SUV e-bike for men from Aldi (2,799 instead of 3,999 euros RRP)

Buy the ULM 7000 SUV e-bike for women from Aldi (2,799 instead of 3,999 euros RRP)

Strictly speaking, both models are not e-bikes, but pedelecs that receive support from the motor with up to 250 watts at speeds of up to 25 km/h. Jeep obtains the central engine of the ULM 7000 from Motinova. A maximum torque of 65 Nm is applied to the crank.

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Important specifications of the Jeep ULM 7000

  • 250 watt Motinova mid-drive motor

  • Max Torque: 65 Nm

  • Range: 130 km (varies depending on driving style)

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

  • 7-speed Shimano gears

  • Integrated, detachable and lockable battery with 17.5 Ah charge (630 Wh energy)

The bike is approved for road traffic and arrives at the customer 90 percent pre-assembled. The charging time of the battery with its 36 volt nominal voltage is four to six hours, charger and cable are included in the scope of delivery. The promotion starts on June 30th and ends on August 7th – but only while stocks last.

SUV e-bike ULM 7000 at Aldi (2,799 instead of 3,999 euros RRP)

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