Aldi Talk Mini: New prepaid tariff for 2.99 euros

Aldi offers a new prepaid mobile phone tariff for 2.99 euros. Aldi Talk Mini includes a telephone and SMS flat rate as well as a limited data volume.

With Aldi Talk Mini, Aldi launched a new mobile phone tariff this week. The tariff costs EUR 2.99 per month and includes a telephone and SMS flat rate, which, however, only works with other Aldi Talk customers. In contrast to the community flat rate that has since been discontinued, the Aldi Talk Mini telephone and SMS flat rates can also be used in other EU countries. In this way, Aldi-Talk customers can make free calls to other Aldi-Talk customers while on vacation, for example.

11 cents for SMS and phone calls outside of Aldi Talk

For calls outside the Aldi-Talk network, 11 cents per minute are due. With SMS it is also 11 cents per piece. The tariff is particularly recommended for users who have many contacts who also use Aldi Talk.

500 MB data volume included

At the start of Aldi Talk Mini, 500 megabytes of data volume are included in the tariff. The offer is valid until June 30, 2022 and allows the use of Telefónica’s GSM and LTE network. The new 5G mobile communications standard is not included. The tariff offers a maximum speed of 25 MBit/s in download and 10 MBit/s in upload.

Other data packages can be booked from July

During the promotional period, it is unfortunately not possible for Aldi Talk Mini users to book other data packages if their data volume has been used up. This should only be possible from June 30, 2022. Then there is the data package S with two gigabytes for 4.99 euros or the data package M with five gigabytes for 9.99 euros and the data package L with ten gigabytes for 14.99 euros.

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