Alexa notifies customers in advance of upcoming deals

Amazon has given its smart assistant Alexa a new function that informs customers about upcoming offers up to one day in advance.

Amazon has introduced a new feature for Alexa in the US that allows Prime subscribers to find out about discounts on Amazon 24 hours in advance, as The Verge also reports. According to Amazon, the function should help its own Prime customers to save money and time.

The intelligent language assistant will inform Prime members up to 24 hours in advance if Amazon offers a product that is on their own wish list or in the shopping cart or has been marked “saved for later” at a lower price the next day. Customers can then ask Alexa directly to take advantage of the offer or, if necessary, to send another reminder.

For the time being only in the USA

Amazon has not yet commented on whether third-party products are included in the function. For now, only U.S. Amazon Prime customers who own fourth-generation Echo speakers or newer will also benefit from the new feature. If the new function catches on in the US, we will certainly get a comparable function in this country.

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