Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2021): SUV with diesel on long journeys

Our boss asked everyone about our new endurance test car Stelvio comes to us, and I was as quick as I haven’t been since the Federal Youth Games: “I’ll do it!” Alfa Romeo, So Italy, so mountains back, so the finest weather and delicious food and … oh, I can go again … (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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An Alfa in the AUTO BILD endurance test, 100,000 kilometers in time lapse. In the past we would have said: But you at Alfa dare to do something! Today Alfa says: Yes, we dare. And we also trust the Stelvio to do it. It’s not like that Mid-size SUV one thing would have to be explained in great detail, it is already since 2017 at the beginning. But they continuously developed it, we never remembered it so fine. F-PR 8634 lights up in the color “Blu Anodizzato”, inside cognac-colored leather, working under the hood 2.2 liter diesel With 210 hp, the power comes from you Eight-speed automatic transmission transmitted by ZF (as with BMW!), All-wheel drive is standard.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D

We pick up the Stelvio for an endurance test. Its 2.2-liter diesel should take us over the Alps and 100,000 kilometers.

There is a lot of driving pleasure in the Stelvio

We did a few laps on the small course in front of the former company headquarters in Arese near Milan, after the second round we were best buddies. Is due to the rear-biased all wheel drive. As with a rear-wheel drive car, 100 percent of the engine power goes to the rear. Only when the rear tires can no longer cope with the power does the front axle have to support. How does that feel? Pretty blue and white, well crisp and tight, and thanks to the super fast and super precise automatic pretty quick. You steer into the curve, press the shift paddle twice on the left, bang, bang, down from fourth to second gear, accelerate out, bang, upshift to the right. Yes, you can be that sporty Four-cylinder diesel being, 470 Nm torque Below 2000 tours raid those wheelswhat joy in driving!

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D

One lap on the circuit was enough: Andreas May and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio are best buddies straight away.

Actually, our first stage destination should be Bormio, 1225 meters above sea level. From there over the Stilfser Joch, the 2757 meter high mountain pass, which is called Stelvio in Italian and from above looks like a long earthworm that could not decide between left and right on its way and now has bellies like a millipede. Stelvio is Alfa’s godfather, and rightly so, because he is King of the curves among SUVs. But unfortunately not on the Stelvio anymore this year: since November 4th, they don’t open for us as an exception – everything is icy upstairs!


Alfa Romeo Stelvio

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The tuning of the Alfa SUV can be adjusted

Are we disappointed? No, we are on the way to Merano, the most beautiful city in South Tyrol, no, Italy, oh, of all! When we kissed the Alfa good night in the underground car park and stood in front of the delightful bar in the evening, we, photographer Mr Roschki and I, took stock of the situation. Me: “How do you like that landing gear? “He:” Would you please tomorrow DNA driving experience switch focus on comfort and not on dynamism? I can’t work like that. “Me:” And the processing? “He:” I wouldn’t have believed them, pretty close to good old man Audi quality. Everything that could rattle inside has been lined with felt. And the pointer fittings are also Audi. “
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D

Well-coordinated: May likes the dynamic mode, but photographer Roschki wants comfort for the next stage.

Me: “How do you like that Multimedia system? “He:” Better than BMW in 2001, worse than BMW 2021. Touch monitor, controller and two speed dial buttons are good, GPS from TomTom too, but have you ever talked to the lady from the voice input? “Me:” Yes, but only briefly because she did not understand me. Like the lady in the café in Milan yesterday afternoon, but at least she smiled so sweetly at us. ”

When it comes to consumption, the Stelvio stays within limits

On the Reschenpass, the most wonderful Vinschgau in the middle of this wonderful South Tyrol, we had to take some roads twice, so much we have each other in love with curves with the Stelvio. Rolling motion? Yes, more than in the deep technology sister Giuliabut less than most of the others SUVs in the 4.70 meter league. The rest is quickly told. From Austria the guard rails are no longer rusty, the fuel is cheaper, the coffee is all the worse. On arrival in Hamburg the sky is gray as always, the rain comes from the side and not from above, as always.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D

After 1957 kilometers and 6.9 l / 100 km at the destination: Dear Alfa, this is the Elbphilharmonie, welcome to Hamburg.

We are 1957 kilometers driven, and we have an average of 6.9 liters of diesel consumed. Oh, don’t tell the boss that we packed the trunk full of South Tyrolean specialties. Otherwise HE wants the next best business trip of the year …

Alfa Stelvio in the AUTO BILD used car market

Technical data Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 D • Motor: four-cylinder, turbo, longitudinal front • Displacement: 2143 cm³ • Power: 154 kW (210 PS) at 3500 / min • Max. torque: 470 Nm at 1750 / min • Drive: all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic • Length / width / height: 4687/1903/1693 mm • Empty weight: 1745 kg • Luggage compartment: 525-1600 l • 0-100 km / h: 6.6 s • Vmax: 215 km / h • Test car price 69,350 euros

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With the Stelvio from Milan to Hamburg

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