Alfa Romeo Tonale (2022): Top model will probably be a plug-in hybrid

The study was presented in 2019, and we’ve been waiting eagerly for the production version of the Tonale ever since. Now there is new information about the planned compact SUV from Alfa Romeo. The Polish magazine “Spider’s Web” has technical data that could have come from an internal presentation. Including the dimensions. According to this, the Tonale is 4528 millimeters long, 1835 millimeters wide, 1604 millimeters high and has a wheelbase of 2636 millimeters. This would make the SUV slightly smaller than the Stelvio in all directions, more precisely: 16 centimeters shorter, seven centimeters narrower and nine centimeters lower. Because of the shorter length, according to these figures, the wheelbase is also shorter, 18 centimeters less than the Stelvio.

The strongest tone is apparently a plug-in hybrid

The leak also contains information about the engines. The offer should start with a 130 hp petrol engine, which is linked to an eight-speed automatic as standard and should also be available as a mild hybrid variant. A 160 hp gasoline engine is said to be ranked above it, while the preliminary top model one Plug-in hybrid with 240 hp and all-wheel drive will. Apparently there is no information on the electrical range in the leak. In order to be competitive, the Tonale’s battery would have to last for around 80 kilometers of purely electric drive. But it can be assumed that Alfa will bring a stronger QV version. But first the regular tonal has to be presented, that should happen in 2022. Perhaps the first copies will still be available at dealers in the same year.

Study should almost go into series production

Because the show car with plug-in hybrid drive looked almost ready for production, no major changes are to be expected for series production. Only the headlights and the side mirrors will most likely be larger, as the drawing by the AUTO BILD illustrator shows. Accordingly, Alfa could also adopt the design elements from classic models. These include the turntable-look rims, which have been part of the brand since the Tipo 33 Stradale, or the slit headlights with the three light elements (reminiscent of the Alfa SZ and the Coupé Brera). Incidentally, like its big brother Stelvio, the Tonale was named after an Italian pass road.
Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept

The futuristic interior of the study will probably not quite make it into series production.

Interior with displays on the air vents

The interior of the study looks like a futuristic reinterpretation of the classic Alfa cockpit. This is mainly due to the deeply cupped steering wheel, which is reminiscent of the wooden flounces of the 1960s. Behind it sits a digital instrument cluster that imitates the shape of conventional circular displays. Small displays on the ventilation nozzles show the set temperature. The infotainment is operated via a ten-inch touchscreen, which can also be done using gesture control.

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