Ali B responds to a leaked video of heated discussion with Waylon

“We do not understand where he gets this story from,” said a spokesman on Wednesday. Now it can be seen on a video on the Instagram of gossip queen Fawrynotsawry that an altercation is indeed taking place. Yet it is not a slugfest, as Albert previously claimed. However, a heated Ali and Waylon can be seen exchanging harsh words about egos. “I give you my limits, these are my limits”, Ali shouts after being led to his chair through production.

“The coaches of The voice of Holland sometimes have a heated discussion with each other, they do not always have to agree. That also keeps it interesting for the viewer. But it is completely untrue that Ali and Waylon have come to blows with each other “, according to RTL.

Ali says to RTL Boulevard that he does not want to waste words on the matter and that everything is fine between him and Waylon. According to the rapper, these kinds of discussions are just part of the deal and afterwards they have talked everything out. Ali finds it annoying that the images have been leaked and now leaves our food ‘extra careful’. “Waylon and I have been through this before. We are emotional brothers and just got married for that matter. Afterwards we hug each other (…)


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