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Ali B takes sides for close friend Marco Borsato

On Instagram, Ali shares a photo of himself and Marco a long time ago. “If you win you have friends, but if you lose you have real friends,” he writes with the photo. Ali hopes to see Marco active again soon. The message sends the signal that Ali is completely behind Marco.

Marco’s daughter Jada appreciates Ali’s post. She responds with a heart under the photo. Others also find Ali’s action very sweet. “You are such a warm person,” someone writes.

Not too long ago it emerged that Marco had an affair with pianist Iris Hond ten years ago. Not much later, it also seemed that the singer would have experienced extramarital escapades with someone from his fan club. Marco never responded to these rumors, but not long after it became known that Marco and Leontine decided to divorce after a long time together. Since then, Marco has disappeared into the background. For example, his replacement was added The Voice Kids announced.

In the video below, Marco talks about what money, fame and women have done to him.


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