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Alien wine now available for an astronomical price

A French bottle of wine that has been in orbit for more than a year is now on sale. The auction in question estimates that the bottle from space is the most expensive ever to go out.

Auction site Christie’s announces that the alien Pétrus 2000, as the wine is called, will soon be put under the hammer. But the purchase of the wine is not for everyone. Since this is the only copy to be auctioned, the price is considerable. Christie’s estimates the bottle’s value at just over $ 800,000. But with the purchase of the bottle, the winner also receives a wine decanter, glasses and a corkscrew made of stone from a meteorite.

Winner will receive two bottles of wine

Tim Triptree is ‘Master of Wine’ at Christie’s. He says that the future winner of the wine will receive a regular Pétrus 2000 in addition to the spatially aged wine. “So the lucky buyer can compare the two bottles,” announces the wine connoisseur. Although… Triptree hopes that the future owner will keep the bottle from the room closed for a while. “It is at its best now, but it will remain good for a few more decades,” he told the American news agency Associated Press.

Space project

The bottle of Pétrus 2000 is made from Merlot grapes from the French wine region of Bordeaux. But the Space Cargo Unlimited organization sent twelve such bottles to the International Space Station (ISS) in November 2019. Once there, the wine spent fourteen months in space, as part of the Mission WISE project. This project mainly looks at how people will deal with food in the future.

When the charge returned in January of this year, scientists examined the bottles returned from space. Two months later, a number of wine tasters also had the opportunity to try three copies of the wine in Bordeaux. A French journalist was here and told the BBC: “It is difficult to say whether it was better or less than a normal bottle, but it was certainly different.”

Record most expensive bottle of wine

When the Pétrus 2000 actually goes over the expensive counter for about eight tons, the buyer bombards the bottle of wine as the most expensive ever. The current record is held by the wine Romanee-Conti Burgundy, which left the auction house in October 2018 for around 450,000 euros.

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Alien wine now available for an astronomical price


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