Alkan Çöklü reveals details on GTST cliffhanger

Due to the corona virus, the last episode can be seen on May 28, instead of the end of June. The major annual cliffhanger is also not forthcoming. “It was also a surprise to us how everything stopped,” says Alkan. “But the makers deliberately put together the last episode in such a way that there is more than enough to think about all summer. It really is not just any episode.”

Although fans of the popular soap have been on hot coals in recent weeks, colleague Ferry Doedens announced today that the recordings will start again soon. Peter van der Vorst also sees the future as positive, he said today De Volkskrant. However, the dreaded virus that has been gripping us for months will not return in the soap. A conscious choice according to Alkan. “For many viewers, it is a time to escape from everyday things and not even think about it. In addition, we do not know how the one-and-a-half term society will develop. In two months, life could suddenly look very different and then the episodes look dated again. “

It is not yet known what will happen next season. But the actor is looking forward to taking on the role of Amir again: “A character with which the writers can go in many directions,” said the soap star. “Because he never gives up (…) it is so diverse that I never get bored as an actor.”

Because of the virus, he started to love his work even more. He says: “In terms of work, everything came to a standstill, which made me realize how grateful I am that I am with GTST could practice my profession. As an actor, I have learned so much in terms of technique by playing so often and so much. As an actor in the Netherlands, that is seriously a blessing. “

Not everyone can return to work or to school. That is why Alkan shares his viewing tips with RTL Boulevard, so that you will not be bored for a moment.


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