All about Musk: Tesla boss gives journalist insight into new private life with baby

Anyone wondering what Elon Musk actually does when he is not busy with electric cars at Tesla, rockets at SpaceX or one of his other public projects such as the tunneling company Boring will find answers in a recent interview. The boss of Tesla and more called for it for an hour with the Pulitzer award winner Maureen Dowd. Perhaps, as agreed, the article does not contain new information about Tesla’s business or products – but it does contain some information about the restless multi-entrepreneur’s private life with his young family.

Sudden breakup on Twitter

The baby of Musk and the musician Grimes, born in early May, has the most unusual name X Æ A-Xii, but the couple spends a Saturday evening at home in Los Angeles quite normally, as the Tesla boss said: The two watch anime films. However, they also discuss a lot about the potential and dangers of artificial intelligence, which sounds less often. And Musk says they already asked each other which of the two of them was actually crazier.

Grimes, who also calls c the symbol for the speed of light, is referred to in the New York Times article as the galaxy princess, Musk as the king of Mars. The fact that the two found each other started with a misunderstanding, as can be seen from their statements in the interview (Grimes came in between). The Tesla boss wanted to make one of his Twitter jokes and researched beforehand whether it already existed. And indeed, the Canadian musician had already made Rococo Basilisk out of the AI ​​thought experiment Roko’s Basilisk, which impressed Musk – but as she said now, what her alienation didn’t mean funny.

The two are now a couple anyway, and as one would expect from two independent spirits, they do not always agree. They may even be separated at the moment. Last week, Grimes wrote to the Tesla boss via Twitter that he should stop doing something because she couldn’t bear the spread of hatred. The message has now been deleted, but Musk no longer follows Grimes on Twitter.

Tesla boss worried about AI

Aside from that, the dangers of AI actually seem to be the one that drives the Tesla and Space boss the most apart from his business activities. He mentioned it several times in the interview and also mentioned that Grimes had recently joined his worried attitude. But he also provided information on a wide range of other topics, from politics to property and affairs to Mars missions and father figures.

Overall, Musk said, he tends to have more ideas than he can implement. He tends to bite off more than he can chew and then sit there with his cheeks full like a chipmunk. Getting Tesla to work alone was a huge task, the extent of which not many had really recognized. In conclusion, Musk once again emphasized that he does not do all of this for the sake of wealth, but to enable mankind to live a multi-network life with the help of SpaceX with the help of SpaceX.


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