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The 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 is available in four versions. Battery, engine, price… we explain everything to you!

Launched at the end of last year, Volkswagen’s electric compact is enriched with the Pure Performance and Pro versions. What are their prices and characteristics? How is the ID.3 2021 range built? Automobile Clean takes stock.

Despite an increasingly tense health context, the year 2021 is off to a strong start for the electric car. In addition to the release of new models, manufacturers seem ready to engage in a real price war. While Tesla announced a drastic drop in the prices of its Model 3 a few days ago, it is Volkswagen’s turn to readjust its ID.3 range with the introduction of two new versions. We explain to you!

An entry-level Pure Performance at the price of a Renault ZOE

Until now limited to the only intermediate configuration, equipped with a 58 kWh battery, the Volkswagen ID.3 is now offered in a version called Pure Performance. Combining a 110 kW engine with a 45 kWh battery, it is satisfied with 350 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle.

Offered in a single City finish, it is the cheapest of the ID.3 range and starts from € 33,890 excluding bonus. Once the bonus is deducted, its price drops to € 26,890 for individuals and € 28,890 for professionals. A final price very close to the Renault ZOE whose entry-level Life starts at € 32,500 excluding bonus.

In LLD, the manufacturer is also announcing particularly aggressive prices. Where the ZOE is announced from 169 € / month, the German compact is announced at 159 € / month. A rate established over 37 months and 30,000 kilometers with a first rent of € 11,100 reduced to € 4,100 once the ecological bonus has been deducted.

ID.3 Pure Peformance City excluding bonus€ 33,890
ID.3 Pure Performance City bonus deducted (individuals)€ 26,890
ID.3 Pure Performance City bonus deducted (professionals)€ 28,890

A Pro version for less than € 30,000 bonus deducted

Positioned just above the new Pure Performance version within the range, the “Pro” is positioned as an intermediate solution. Powered by a 107 kW electric motor, it receives a 58 kWh battery allowing up to 425 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle.

The price of the ID.3 Pro is barely more than that of the Pure Performance. Excluding bonuses, it starts from € 36,390, or € 29,390 after deducting government aid. In LLD, Volkswagen announces solutions from 189 € / month.

ID.3 Pro excluding bonus€ 36,390
ID.3 Pro bonus deducted (individuals)€ 29,390
ID.3 Pro bonus deducted (professionals)€ 31,390

Volkswagen ID.3 2021: the different versions available

The addition of these two new versions brings to 4 the number of technical configurations offered on the ID.3 range in France. We summarize:

  • Pure Performance: it now constitutes the manufacturer’s basic offer. Equipped with the smallest battery, it is offered in a unique “City” finish. Its price starts at € 33,890 excluding ecological bonus
  • Pro: it sports the smallest motor in the range but with a mid-size battery. Available in three finishes, it starts from € 36,390
  • Pro Performance: it uses the same battery as the Pro but with a more powerful motor. Available in five levels of finishes, including a Max launched this month, it starts from € 37,990
  • Pro S: it culminates at the top of the range and combines the most powerful of the engine blocks available today with a large battery allowing nearly 550 km of autonomy. Offered in a unique high-end finish, the Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S starts from € 48,990 excluding bonus
VW ID.3 - 2021 range diagram

Volkswagen ID.3: understanding the 2021 range at a glance

Volkswagen ID.3: main characteristics of the 2021 range

Pure PerformanceProPro PerformancePro S
Battery (net)45 kWh58 kWh58 kWh77 kWh
Autonomy350 km425 km425 km542 km
Engine110 kW – 150 hp107 kW – 145 hp150 kW – 204 hp150 kW – 204 hp
Couple310 Nm275 Nm310 Nm310 Nm
Max speed160 km / h160 km / h160 km / h160 km / h
0 – 100 km / h9s9.6 s7.3 s7.9 s
Number of finishes1351
AC load power7.2 kW11 kW11 kW11 kW
DC load power (fast terminals)100 kW100 kW100 kW125 kW
Price excluding bonus€ 33,890€ 36,390 – € 41,890€ 37,990 – € 49,890€ 48,990


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