All children aged 12 and over should be able to be vaccinated by the end of the summer vacation

picture alliance / Laci Perenyi | Laci Perenyi

The federal and state governments are making preparations for vaccinations for children too.

Accordingly, the federal government expects the European Medicines Agency to approve the Biontech vaccine for children aged 12 and over in June. By the end of the summer holidays, all 12 to 18 year olds in the respective federal state should receive a vaccination offer with Biontech from June.

For the first and second vaccination, around ten million doses from the manufacturer are then required. These must be ensured by the federal and state governments, as children and young people can only be vaccinated with Biontech for the time being.

According to a decision by the Conference of Health Ministers on Thursday, the federal states should work out a concept by the end of May on how exactly the vaccinations should be carried out by the end of the summer vacation. Literally it says in the paper: “This can be done, for example, by explicitly inviting these age groups to the vaccination centers, through series vaccinations in schools or in comparable ways.”

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