All-electric Fiat E-Ulysse with a discount of up to 18,399 euros

Meanwhile, the demand for large family vans seems high enough that Fiat is reviving its 2011 discontinued Ulysse series – this time fully electric. This is made possible by the affiliation to the Stellantis Group, which already produces models with the Citroën e-Spacetourer and Peugeot e-Traveller, which can also be offered as Fiat comparatively quickly.


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Fiat E-Ulysse at a discount

The Fiat E-Ulysse is available at with a discount of up to 18,399 euros. (as of May 15, 2022)

The Fiat E-Ulysse is also powered by the group-wide standard electric motor; it sends 100 kW completely to the front axle. There is a choice of two batteries with 50 or 75 kWh, and the Italian can cover a maximum of 329 kilometers at a time.

According to the price list, at least 56,990 euros are due for the Fiat E-Ulysse, at you can get the large Fiat up to 18,399 euros below the list price (as of May 15, 2022). The purchase premium for electric cars is already included in this offer.

Well equipped eight seater

A total of three questions should be clarified on the way to your personal electric transporter: length, battery size and equipment. You can secure the maximum discount at if you choose the top model.
As an eight-seater, the E-Ulysse is 5.30 meters long (seven-seater: 4.96 meters), the battery has a capacity of 75 kWh, and the “Lounge” variant is well equipped. Features such as parking assistant with reversing camera, xenon headlights, panoramic sunroof and a navigation system are part of the basic equipment of the E-Ulysse Lounge.

Fiat E-Ulysse with a discount of up to 18,399 euros

In this version, the all-electric Italian costs 69,490 euros according to the price list. At, the offers for the Fiat van start at 51,886 euros – and thus 17,604 euros or 25 percent below the RRP. Of course without annoying negotiations in the showroom.

It doesn’t matter that the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros and the environmental premium has already been deducted.

In order to achieve the maximum discount of over 18,000 euros, you have to give the electric van a few additional extras such as metallic paint (570 euros), blind spot assistant (250 euros) and a luggage net (200 euros).

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