All eyes are on McConnell: is he loyal to Trump?

In a five-minute video clip, the Republican is unusually gentle and presidential, condemns the riots, tries to distance himself from the rioters, calls for unity and renunciation of violence. It is a message to all Americans, says Trump.

But he should have one thing in particular in the back of his head: Mitch McConnell. Because it depends on the Senate, which has the last word in impeachment proceedings, and the Republican majority leader McConell, whether Trump will actually be “impeached” – and thus not be allowed to run for president in 2024 again. And that is also the motive behind the campaign just a few days before Joe Biden took office on January 20th.

McConnell: Tie

The “New York Times” reported that McConnell considered the impeachment procedure to be justified and was even happy about it, because the Republican party could break away from Trump in this way. If the powerful Republican were to oppose Trump internally or even publicly, then other senators from the Grand Old Party could join in. It takes 17 Republican Senators and 50 Democrats for Trump to actually be convicted.


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