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All major musicals from Albert Verlinde (Stage) to 2021: ‘Sad’

The great musicals TINA, ANASTASIA and Lazarus from Stage Entertainment to be moved to 2021, Aladdin and He Believes in Me have been delayed. That was announced today.

Due to the limited prospect of a financially healthy reopening of the theaters, Stage Entertainment Netherlands does not expect to be able to play its performances until the spring of 2021. As a result, the musical producer has no choice but to revise the entire programming.

“Sad situation”

Albert Verlinde, general director and producer Stage Entertainment Nederland: “Our theaters have now been closed for three months and our performances cannot be played. A sad situation, which unfortunately does not seem to end for the time being. In fact, it seems that it is the turn of our industry to be able to open again. This continuing uncertainty has forced the management of Stage Entertainment Netherlands to make these important programming decisions. We do everything we can to get through this difficult and drastic time as well as possible and then come back stronger. ”

A photo of Albert Verlinde with Nyassa Alberta playing the role of Tina Turner.
Nyassa Alberta and Albert Verlinde after the gala premiere, TINA – The Tina Turner Musical. Source: / Sander Koning

When the weather is justified

TINA – The Tina Turner Musical and ANASTASIA will no longer be seen this year. The performances will resume in the course of 2021, when it is justified to play performances for a group of more than a hundred people. The already canceled tour of the musical Lazarus, which would pass Heerlen, Rotterdam and Groningen after a long playing period in DeLaMar Amsterdam until 31 May, will be scheduled and resumed as soon as more perspective is offered from the government. Visitors who have booked tickets for these three performances will receive a special voucher, with which they can rebook their tickets free of charge to a date of their choice.

No Aladdin, no André Hazes

The premiere of Aladdin, which was planned for autumn 2020, will be postponed for a year and will be shown at the AFAS Circus Theater in Scheveningen from autumn 2021 at the earliest. The tour of He believes in me – the previously played success musical about André Hazes – is also postponed for a year, to the beginning of 2022. The revised programming assumes a gradual opening of the shows and theaters, so that the audience is slowly rebuilt.

Subway was at the premiere of the David Bowie musical Lazarus present. We thought so. We also interviewed the lead actress of TINA – The Tina Turner Musical. For Nyassa Alberta, this meant her first leading role in her own country. A few weeks after the premiere, her dream was already disrupted by the coronavirus.

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All major musicals from Albert Verlinde (Stage) to 2021: “Sad”


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