All new Audi by 2024: the new A4, the A8 successor and more

Audi is pounding in the combustion engine: From 2026, the Ingolstadt-based company no longer wants to build new cars with combustion engines. This also goes hand in hand with the end of hybrid vehicles. The last new combustion Audi will probably be the new Q5. The reason for this tough step: CO2 has to be reduced. This means that the brand is early on, the EU does not want to allow any new diesel or gasoline engines until 2035 and thus achieve zero emissions from new cars.

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Of course, this requires preparation, which is why Audi is rolling out more e-tron models in the coming years! The Q6 e-tron shouldn’t be too long in coming. The possible successor to the A2, which could be launched in the form of a small-car SUV, is one size smaller. And a new R8 generation is also planned, possibly with a pure electric drive. The brand’s combustion engines will also be further developed up to the toughest cut, for example Audi could provide the RS 6 with a performance variant with up to 650 hp with a biturbo V8. And the A8 is also getting a facelift.

These three models will be important for Audi in the coming years

1. Audi Q6 e-tron – possible e-tron successor
The new electric SUV is supposed to combine the dimensions of the Q5 with the spacious interior of the Q7. Like the electric Porsche Macan, the Q6 e-tron is probably on the new PPE platform and should therefore have the fast 800-volt technology for charging on board. The range should be 500 kilometers. Audi could present the new model in 2022. Then it will be time to say goodbye to the SUV e-tron, because both cars are aimed at the same segment.
2. Audi A8 facelift – not a fully electric version
Audi could show the revised A8 at the end of 2021. Of course with that current brand face. In addition, the headlights and the apron are being adapted, and we are expecting different versions for the grill grille. In the interior, it should stay with the two displays positioned one above the other. The range of engines, gasoline, diesel and a plug-in hybrid with currently 286 to 571 hp, could be changed by Audi another plug-in hybrid with more range expand.
3. Audi A4 B10 – in future without V6 diesel
The last A4 with a combustion engine should get more upper-class feeling and thus move closer to the A6. However, one will have to say goodbye to the big engines. The six-cylinder petrol engine could at most still be used in the RS 4, the V6 diesel should be canceled. It could be replaced by an electrified four-cylinder with up to 350 hp. Speaking of electrification: In the new generation, no engine should come without electrical assistance.

AUTO BILD shows them all Audi news up to 2025 in the picture gallery!

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