Allianz: Tesla and 27 other companies want to bring the USA on the electric car course

After decades of dominance in the transport sector, the traditional auto and fuel industry has plenty of resources and infrastructure to influence politics in their favor. Electric car manufacturers such as Tesla, on the other hand, can only hope for support from environmental or electrical associations, if at all. But that is changing now in the USA: Together with 27 other companies from the industry, Tesla has founded a lobby organization that is supposed to ensure that only electric cars will be sold there from 2030.

Tesla and competitors united in the association

The organization bears the name ZETA for Zero Emission Transportation Association and announced its founding with 28 members on Tuesday. Together, these companies would employ hundreds of thousands of people in 50 US states, the statement said, and all of them support the goal of 100 percent electric car sales in the US by 2030.

In addition to Tesla, this includes other electric car manufacturers, of which Lucid Motors, led by the former chief engineer for the Model S, is the most interesting. Tesla’s pickup competitors Rivian and Lordstown Motors are also there, while the start-up Nikola shines with its absence – it works, together with General Motors, on electric pickups and trucks, but also on hydrogen vehicles. There are also manufacturers of charging stations and the two large electrical companies ABB and Siemens as well as Redwood Materials, the startup of the former Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel.

USA to win electric car races

Not necessarily in terms of sales, but in terms of stock market valuation and awareness, Tesla is the most important member of the ZETA association, which calls itself the first association for a faster change to electric transport – including light and heavy trucks. With the right policies, the US would have a chance of winning the global race to develop a new, clean transportation economy, and now it is important to create the right framework.


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