Allnet M with 20 GB for only 20 euros

The next big hit in the area of ​​tariffs with telecom network is already on its way, this time Congstar is really knocking it out.

Congstar is again offering its medium-sized Allnet Flat M at lower prices or at better conditions. The price does not change, instead the included data volume is significantly increased. The Allnet Flat M normally has a data volume of 5 GB per month, currently even 10 GB. But if you can wait until November 26th, you will get the flat rate from Congstar with a full 20 GB of data volume. A big advantage is of course the selectable duration, you don’t have to commit yourself to 24 months.

Congstar Cyber ​​Deal only in the period November 26th. until 30.11. available online

congstar Allnet Flat M:

  • 20 GB data volume for online booking (instead of 5 GB)
  • Surf the LTE network with max. 25 Mbit / s
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • Price: 19.50 euros per month
  • Can also be selected without a contract term
  • LTE 50 as an option for 3 euros per month

Further options that can be added or deducted monthly:

  • LTE 50 option with max. 50 Mbit / s for 2.94 euros / month
  • 5 GB extra data for more data volume: 4.88 euros / month

One option these days:

Note: Prices and the products offered can change shortly before or during the promotion. We have no influence on that. We always recommend doing your own price comparison check before making a purchase. More deals here. If you have a tip for us, feel free to leave it in the comments or join our Telegram group!

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