Almere City FC calls on spectators to have themselves tested

Football club Almere City FC has called on the 1351 supporters who were in the stadium on Sunday at the home game against SC Cambuur to be tested again for the corona virus on Friday. The club comes with this call after the “negative reports” about the percentage of people who did not get tested after a visit to the theater performance of comedian Guido Weijers. Just like the football matches NEC – De Graafschap and Almere City FC – SC Cambuur, this performance is part of the Fieldlab experiments.

All participants in these trial events must have themselves tested for the corona virus in advance. They are also supposed to do another test five days after the event. Of the 500 visitors to the Weijers performance, about 20 percent skipped that second test. According to Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge, this is not good for the “effectiveness of this Fieldlab event”. De Jonge also believes that this means that no clear conclusions can be drawn from the trial.

“Instead of emphasizing all those people who have had themselves tested for a second time, the focus quickly shifted to the minority that did not do this,” says general manager John Bes of Almere City in a message on the website of the club, addressed to the 1,351 supporters who were at the Yanmar Stadium on Sunday. “My appeal to you is not to give the prevailing negativity a chance and to do the second test en masse on Friday.”

At the beginning of this week, the figures would also be known about the corona tests that were carried out after NEC – De Graafschap, but the organization has still not revealed them. Almost two weeks ago, about 1150 NEC season ticket holders were sitting in the stands of the Goffert stadium in Nijmegen. In the corona tests performed two days before the game, ten people tested positive. They were therefore not allowed to enter.

“I hear from everyone around me that they also did the second test”, says Jeroen Rengers, chairman of the Supporters Association NEC. “I am very curious about the results. It is encouraging that no one in the theater was infected. I was careful in the days after the game and avoided the vulnerable.”


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