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Almost all mayors in the Sinterklaas journal (also Zwalk!), Eleven not

Of the 355 mayors in our country, only eleven do not participate in the current season of the Sinterklaas news.

Femke Halsema from Amsterdam and Don Bijl from Purmerend, among others, have so far not delivered a personal message for the children who send a drawing for Sinterklaas on the site of the NTR program.

Halsema in Sinterklaasjournaal after all

According to a spokesman for the broadcaster, the mayors do not participate “for various reasons”. When asked, a spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam said that a video with Halsema will be published. There was no time for that before.

Yesterday’s news showed that dozens of mayors break into the broadcast to report that Sinterklaas is also welcome in their municipality and that young viewers can send drawings that they then hand over to the Goedheiligman. Well-known mayor fathers such as Jan van Zanen of The Hague, Sybrand Buma of Leeuwarden, Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, Ahmed Marcouch of Arnhem and Sjors Fröhlich of Vijfheerenlanden made their appearance.

In addition to the mayors of Amsterdam and Purmerend, those of Aalten, Eijsden-Margraten, Heerde, Lelystad, Putten, Sint Anthonis, Steenbergen, Terschelling and Zoeterwoude have not participated so far.

On the site of the Sinterklaasjournaal, children who submit a drawing get to see a thank you video from their own mayor. Children from the eleven municipalities who do not participate will receive a message from “the chief secondary officer”, a role played by Ronald Snijders.

But yes, Zwalk …

All those mayors may think that after their letter to Saint Nicholas the steamboat will dock in their municipality on Saturday, their colleague from Zwalk thinks they have the best chance. He had Monday Sinterklaas journaljournalist Jeroen has already visited. Jeroen could hardly find Zwalk, because it is not on the map. Nevertheless, he ended up with the mayor, after which Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s totally unexpected new job The world moves on was looking for a new challenge.

It was tonight Sinterklaas journal also in the Twentse Schroothoop and the Limburgse Kruisigem. The latter place name sign was incidentally next to a statue of Jesus on the cross.

In Schroothoop and Kruisigem, people are firmly convinced that Saint will arrive and preparations are underway. By the way, Saturday may turn out to be a typical case of “a waste of work”, because on the steamer exactly one bag of coal is too short to reach the Netherlands. Other than that, the Chief Piet has no idea which place in our country he has to sail to this year.

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Almost all mayors in the Sinterklaas journal (including Zwalk!), Eleven not


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