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Almost back on the terrace: here you want to sit (and this is how it looks)

From Monday 1 June at noon, most catering establishments – with the exception of party bars, clubs and discos – may open their doors and terraces again. We are all eager to order a drink and a snack with friends in the sun again, and catering entrepreneurs can’t wait. But what will that look like, taking a terrace in the one and a half meter society?

Big adjustment

For starters, probably not all restaurants and cafes will choose to actually open, because as much as they like: for some entrepreneurs, it costs more to hire staff than it does to them for half or less to occupy. One company is better built on another half-meter device than the other. It is a big adjustment for everyone anyway, but at least we are allowed again. The terraces below, in the four major cities and some beyond, are at least ready.


The Streetfood Club at Janskerkhof quickly grew into a hotspot in Utrecht. The huge, wonderfully hysterically decorated store normally serves 1,000 guests on a busy day. Now that only 30 people are allowed in at the same time and the terrace is being set up at a distance of 1.5 meters, there will be considerably fewer. They will open again next Monday. How exactly, they are figuring it out a bit when we speak to them.

Making guests happy

Manager Lune Hageman: “We are still working on how we can best tackle it. Can we start working with plexiglass screens? Does that really help, and is it cozy? It makes a difference that our terrace is large for a city ​​terrace, so we can still accommodate quite a few people. In any case, we are very happy that we can open again and will do everything we can to make our guests happy again. “

For a table inside you have to make a reservation, on the terrace you can just sit at one of the pink picnic tables. “We still want to keep that culture that you can join whenever you feel like it. We do ask guests to report to our staff members for a check-up, which also applies to the outside. It is everyone’s health after all.”

Reserve a toilet visit

A little further you will soon be able to visit the good ol again. “ Neude. Not the most original place to sit, but one of the sunniest; and you have something to choose from. Various things together form one large terrace. It is one of the few places in the city where there is really some space to keep a meter and a half away – although it will also be much less crowded here than usual.

The entrepreneurs on the square recently made a “coronaproof” test setup with tables 1.5 meters away, side tables, partitions and walking routes. We are also looking at an app that allows guests to place their orders and even book a toilet visit.


Hannekes Boom, with that lovely terrace on the water that you can see from the train, shifts will work. If you have secured a spot at one of the picnic tables, you can sit for two hours. Reservations are not required for the outdoors, but it is recommended to be sure of a spot. In two hours you can catch up and order enough drinks to forget the corona misery for a while.


Also Waterfront will be open again later. At this fine spot on Marnixstraat – on the waterfront indeed – in good weather it is as if you are in a much more exotic location. May be due to the Surinamese influences. You cannot make a reservation on the terrace from 1 June and self-service applies. You order everything at one of the bars. You take drinks with you immediately, food is brought to you by the service. That will be a nice date place, because you can come here with a maximum of two people at the same time. This applies to both indoors and outdoors.

the Hague

Non-essential trips to Belgium are still prohibited, but at Leopold on Plein you are a bit over the border. With 13 Belgian beers on tap and another 30 from the bottle, you can amply make up for that lost time here. You bet that the corona measures are being taken into account, because of course there is a chance that Mark Rutte himself will drop by for a nightcap after a long day at the Binnenhof.

Beach tents

The finest terraces are surely those with a sea view. Fortunately, the beach bars open again later. From next week in Scheveningen you will be sitting on the cocktails with your feet in the sand again. With a little imagination it is just like Bali.


Also at the Rotterdam Biergarten they are jumping to be able to open again. For the time being, just like at Waterkant, they only have room for couples of two. “We hope that it can be a bit more pleasant and have submitted an application to the municipality to expand our terrace considerably in collaboration with our neighbors, but we will hear whether that will continue later”, says co-owner Roeland Flierman. They advise their guests to make a reservation, although this is not mandatory. “It is nice if it is structured.”

Where they normally have “500 people outside” on a cozy Friday, they can now only lose 80 to 100. Is it then profitable to open? “Not really,” says Flierman. “Normally, the expenditure per person here is quite high, but the question is how this will be.

With a group of friends you still have a different experience than the two of you at a table and when you have to go through some sort of control. But we are just going to make it as pleasant as possible, because we would love to do something again. Especially with that beautiful weather all the time. If possible, we will also get back to work with great performances and DJs, to still offer that familiar atmosphere and experience. Within the restrictions we just make it a party. “

Another place in Rotterdam where it will soon be nice to stay is Aloha on the Maasboulevard. Where formerly a swimming paradise Tropicana, there is now a paradise terrace with a view of the Nieuwe Maas.

Outside the four major cities, the terraces are opening again. A few nice places where it is good to stay:

Next to the beach of Groningen you will find the terrace of DOT. Normally it can accommodate 200 guests, now it is fighting for a place. Also not unpleasant you are at the Brussels Grand Café The SIGAR, where you can see boats sailing by on the Hoge der Aa. In the evening you can have a romantic drink under illuminated trees.

In Zwolle among other things, the operation of the grand café / tapas bar Las Rosas eager to receive guests again on the lounge sofas on the terrace. “We tested with a 2-person setup with a meter and a half. Quite cozy.”

“YES! We will open the doors again from 1 June. ” Berlage in Eindhoven it screams from the rooftops on its website. A city garden in the middle of the city center, where you will soon be blessed with summer.

At the atmospheric the Master Test in Nijmegen you can also return to the terrace from next week. To celebrate that, they serve a special three-course menu.

In Maastricht you can soon plop down again at the terrace of Charlemagne on the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein and the popular Café Sjiek in the Sint Pieterstraat.

Also Café Colette in Haarlem finally, can’t wait for the doors to open. The staff writes on Instagram: “We are happy, happy, relieved and grateful !!! Can’t wait to open our doors again for you. We are making it a wonderful summer!”

Now hope that the sun continues to shine …

What about the rules?

  • A maximum of 30 people may enter per catering establishment, but outside on the terraces, as many people may sit as can fit at tables, provided they keep a distance of one and a half meters.
  • According to Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, there is a limit of 4 people per table – unless you live together.
  • If you live together, you don’t have to keep a meter and a half away, everyone else has to.
  • The staff will conduct check-ups to check whether you have any corona-related complaints.
  • Do you want to have a bite to eat after the terrace? Then you have to book in advance.
  • Menu, chairs and tables are thoroughly cleaned when guests leave.
  • Do you have to go to the toilet? Then you have to deal with the rules that apply inside, and that means that you can only go to the toilet if there are less than 30 people inside and you have no health problems.

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