Almost to Mount Everest: Tesla’s Supercharger network now with 25,000 charging stations worldwide

Tesla still does not have an official press department, but has a new Twitter account: Since the beginning of this year, the company has been providing information about new developments in its Supercharger network at @TeslaCharging. Since then, you can watch on Twitter how Tesla is opening a new location for fast charging almost every day. In China, for example, the supercharger network now extends almost to Mount Everest. And the Tesla account reported for the whole world that the number of individual pillars has risen to 25,000.

New superchargers to Tibet

The fact that Tesla opened a new Supercharger factory in China this February with a capacity of 10,000 units per year was apparently helpful in the expansion. For the country with already high demand for electric cars, Tesla reported at the end of April according to other Twitter information eleven new supercharger stations plus a slower destination charger between Chengdu roughly in the middle and Lhasa in Tibet, from where it is only 650 kilometers to the northern base camp of Mount Everest.

But there is also progress in the rest of the world. At the end of 2020, according to Tesla, there were 81 supercharger locations with a good 750 charging stations in Germany, and by the end of March there were three new locations and around 100 stations, some of which were already existing. For all of Europe, Tesla reported 600 Supercharger stations with an average of ten columns each. And according to @TeslaCharging, the number of all fast Tesla chargers worldwide has increased to 25,000 units by the beginning of May.


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The Twitter account did not provide any information on how many locations these charging stations were distributed over, but the number on the Tesla website is given as 2500, while the Electrek blog reported a good 2700 units without citing the source. The website, which is mostly well-informed, especially in the West, currently lists 3045 Tesla Supercharger locations worldwide, including a good 1200 in the USA and almost 800 in China (and 704 in Europe).

Tesla network as a competitive advantage

Tesla began setting up its own charging network in the USA back in 2012 to ensure that its electric cars can get enough new power quickly enough over longer journeys. Since then, this decision and the further expansion have increasingly proven to be a competitive advantage, because other electric car manufacturers cannot yet offer a reliable network of their own that is also deeply integrated into the navigation system. Apparently inspired by this, Porsche announced in March that it would at least supplement a new network with fast charging locations just for its own brand.


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