Alpina B4 Gran Coupé: the particularly special BMW

More expensive, stronger, finer – so better? Let’s say it very briefly: and whether! The Alpina-style BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé is a dream. But more on that later. Because we first have to put things into perspective: more expensive, better and finer than the original is not entirely correct.


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Because BMW does not offer an extra strong model of the 4 Series Gran Coupé and Alpina releases the B4 onto the road with almost no M model. This is also completely new for Alpina, the specialists for fast BMWs previously only had the large Gran Coupé (8 Series) in their range. In July 2022, the little brother will be driving to customers. AUTO BILD was already able to do the first quick laps.
Alpina B4 Gran Coupe

Additionally stiffened Alpina engine compartment: the dome front end struts nestle up against the potent 3.0 turbo petrol engine.

The technical data of all Alpina models basically promise an exciting driving experience. Also because Alpina, unlike the strong types from BMW, does not chain the Bs and Ds to an electronic ankle bracelet. Accordingly, the B4 GC runs at a maximum of 301 km/h. The coupé also clocks out the sprint at a remarkable speed – the car has reached 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

More leather and luxury in the Alpina B4 Gran Coupé

Because the four-door hatchback basically helps the engine of the M3 on the jumps. To do this, Alpina meticulously adjusted the chassis, calculated on the drive control programs, brushed the body to a firm posture, poured more leather and luxury into the car and fitted fine 20-inch wheels (with P-Zero tires specially adapted to the car by Pirelli). .

Alpina B4 Gran Coupe

The exhaust of the Gran Coupé comes with two twin tailpipes and a subtle basic tone.

Alpina gets 495 hp from the in-line six-cylinder, a twin-turbocharger supports the wonderfully stretched torque yield. Ultimately, 730 Newton meters go to the all-wheel drive, while Alpina lets more power flow to the rear axle than to the front axle. (Alpina brothers in direct comparison)

Fast laps on a race track then showed us very quickly how well the engine, transmission and the greedy grip of the B4 work together.

Typical Alpina: sensitively fine-tuned components

The engine pulls up softly and evenly, the turbocharged petrol engine even accepts higher speeds, the four-door car pushes itself out of curves with high traction, and is supported on the side with a good grip.

Alpina B4 Gran Coupe

The Alpina B4 is fast luxury for connoisseurs. Hopefully the brand will be allowed to continue building such cars in the future – from 2026 it will officially belong to BMW.

The brakes respond finely, and the steering works with tension-loaded resetting and more sensitively than in any other production BMW. In addition, Alpina has inoculated the car with both lively and bindingly safe driving behavior.

The price is high, but conclusive

It is simply a wonderfully active pleasure to use the gas pedal to bring the 4 Series into line from gentle understeer in long bends.

Such a noble, fine and absolutely high-quality equipped car with a lot of power and active driving experience is hard to find anywhere else. Its price is high, but conclusive – because the B4 GC is something very special.

Specifications: Alpina B4 Gran Coupe

• Engine Six-cylinder in-line, biturbo, lengthwise at the front
• Displacement 2993cc
• Perfomance 364 kW (495 hp) at 5000 rpm
• Max. Torque 730 Nm at 2500 rpm
• Drive All-wheel drive/eight-speed automatic
• L/W/H 4792/2073/1440mm
• curb weight 1965kg
• trunk 470-1290L
• 0-100km/h 3.7s
• Top 301km/h
• Consumption 10.1L SP/100km
• Exhaust CO2 229g/km
• Price from 91,800 euros

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