Alpina XB7, VW T3, Mercedes G-Class, Porsche 911: Test, SUV

Bulli, G-Class and 911 – the Alpina XB7 meets three car icons

The ultimate Alpina XB7 wants to offer space like a VW bus, dig like the G-Class and run like the 911. Does it beat the originals? A comparison!

F.Everything was clearly regulated earlier. Anyone who needed a lot of space in the 80s took it VW Bus. That stood for the highest demands on the terrain Mercedes G model, and you were in the left lane of the freeway 911s the king. Today there is Alpina XB7. The 5.15-meter-long full-size SUV offers space for up to seven people, runs up to 290 things and, thanks to the adjustable chassis and all-wheel drive, is not supposed to run down so quickly even off-road. Self-confidence pressed into sheet metal with a 4.4-liter V8, 621 hp and the thrust from 800 Newton meters.

The VW T3 fulfills the dream of individual mobility

VW Bus T3 Alpina XB7

Individualist: With the conversion and expansion of a T3, many have fulfilled a dream. The XB7 is what it is.

© Tom Salt / AUTO BILD

One from the noble manufacturer Alpina Refined BMW X7 that sets standards. Okay, maybe this dinosaur shouldn’t be parked on the sidelines of climate demos, but at least it is three cars in one and thus somehow progressive. So it’s high time for a comparison with the icons of their guild. If there is a need for a little more space, the Bulli has been used in Germany for generations. One of the most popular is the T3. An all-rounder that was available in numerous expansion variants for all purposes. The most popular today is the camper with Pop-up roof. In addition to industry giants such as Westfalia, countless private hobbyists have tried to build their perfect Bulli over the past decades. The T3 is a rolling starter kiton which everyone can create their own dream of individual mobility. A rectangular mandala to color in, a room for tin snips and a fretsaw. The results are always rustic, but almost always cozy too.

The performance of the Alpina is very close to flying

Alpina XB7 (2020): Test – BMW – Engine – SUV – Price – Info

We were on the racetrack with the 290 km / h Alpina XB7

In any case, it is also cozy, albeit with the cool charm of a business lounge XB7. Divided into three rows, passengers will find everything that makes driving a car today sweeter. Expresses himself at Accelerate With the back of the head in the soft pillow of the single seat, there are only two questions left: Why are so many cars on the tarmac. And when do we finally take off ?! Driving has seldom been like this close to flying. A feeling that T3 pilots so do not know. They are happy when they run away with 100 things and that 1.6 liter just lasts. The unit still comes from the Golf I and expresses its everyday stress with frequent total failures. Of the Noise level is so high that anyone who may not have a St. Bernard as an insulating mat is better off communicating via text than yelling at each other. But it closes in the evening sliding door with a loud thud and dusk falls over the pop-up roof, everyone is reconciled again.

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Romance that the Alpina lacks. After all, the late evening hours are particularly suitable for going out. And to annoy the Porsche driver. Loads the Biturbo V8 through, the 2.7-ton colossus shoots in insane 4.2 seconds to 100. That’s how fast she did 911s-Crew not even sorted the gristly passages. If it does work, the 204 hp boxer from 1981 is also just 6.6 seconds inside. Sensational back then, completely normal today.

When it comes to fascination, the XB7 can hardly beat a 911

Porsche 911 Alpina XB7

No comparison: of course the Alpina is faster, but the Porsche 911 remains unmatched as an icon.

© Tom Salt / AUTO BILD

Unfortunately it is no longer normal at all intimate connectionas it is still in the 911 between the driver and the machine. If a car could speak, it would be the Porsche. Every move works hard, mechanically and directly. No filters, no gimmicks. A unmistakable classicthat you never want to and should never let go of. And things Acoustics Even the Alpina V8 doesn’t have much to oppose the air-cooled boxer. More like the Mercedes G model. 1979 primarily for military purposes as pure Commercial vehicle presented, the boxy Mercedes blossomed into a luxury off-roader by the end of production in 2018. However, without ever diluting into an SUV. Our 1990 300 GD, internal W 463, took the first step from the mud pit into the gravel driveway. A cockpit like from the 124. Zebrano wood, lacquered lamp sockets and one better noise insulation should provide a car ambience.

The G-Class shows the Alpina its limits off-road

On the road, the G-Class is inferior to the Alpina, its finest hour hits off-road.

© Tom Salt / AUTO BILD

But who from the high G-throne through the steep disc to the SUV roofs looks down, notices immediately that he is here with one real off-roader has to do. With a ladder frame, reduction gear and differential locks, nothing can stop the G. Fortunately, because with that 113 hp naturally aspirated diesel with four-stage automatic it takes a long time to get going. While the XB7 thunders to 250 in 26.7 seconds, the leisurely Benz has not even reached 100 km / h. Instead, the old block still rumbles bravely over hill and dale when the Bavarian is already wounded 23 incher licks. The truth of the Alpina is that it is neither tugs nor stokers nor climbers is. He is a connoisseur. When it slips along the country road almost silently at idle speed and its sensitive air suspension lets it float over everything, we even succeed in briefly forgetting the price. 155,200 euros. Without extras. The three classics are available for around 100,000 euros. All together, mind you, and with an increase in value. Some things may have been better in the past.

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