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Also documentary about Magic Johnson in the making Entertainment

The sixty year old Johnson tells to enjoy immensely The Last Dance. “This was exactly what we needed with all the corona measures and all the things we’re going through with the virus now,” said Johnson of ESPN’s documentary series, which is available outside the US via Netflix.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the died in January Kobe Bryant was also followed by cameras for his own documentary. Although it was not finished, according to Johnson, the film or series will certainly be completed and broadcast.

New way

Then it is his turn, according to the former basketball player. “I’m coming after Kobe,” he said in the interview. “Of course you will see a lot of basketball, but it will also be about how I have taken a new path and found a new career.”

Johnson had played for the Los Angeles Lakers for thirteen seasons when he announced in 1991 that he had contracted the HIV virus and retired from basketball. He played the ceremonial All Star Game the following year, which led to protests from several other basketball players. A few years later, the basketball player returned to the Lakers, where he also coached and sat on the board for a while.


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