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also get tested for corona for fatigue and headaches

If you have to cough a lot, smell nothing, taste nothing and have a fever, you know: testing for corona. Many people will almost know the list of symptoms by heart by now. But experts now want to expand that list. Alarm bells should also sound for headaches and fatigue, they say.

British researchers say only 69 percent of people infected with corona fall into the ‘cough, fever, runny nose’ category. More than 30 percent of infected people therefore have completely different symptoms. But if people who ‘alone’ have a headache and are tired also get tested, 92 percent of infected people can be detected.

Research leader Eddie Loeliger says against De Volkskrant that fatigue is the most common. “Colds in the nose are much less common.”

Using an app in which 120,000 people entered their symptoms, the researchers found out the headache frequency. Three quarters of the infected people reported a headache as a complaint, and 80 percent suffered from fatigue.

New list of corona symptoms

But the problem is, we all have a headache or are tired from time to time. To be tested immediately? The researchers endorse this problem. If everyone with those symptoms gets tested, about twice as many tests are needed.

“Especially in the beginning the thought was: if we start testing for all these symptoms, we will be through our tests within a few months,” says Loeliger. “But now that there is more testing capacity, it makes sense to add the symptoms.”

RIVM is currently reviewing the list of ‘core complaints’ for corona, writes de Volkskrant. In doing so, it is again reviewed for which complaints should be tested. In a few weeks, the outcome will be presented to the OMT.

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Experts: also get tested for corona for fatigue and headaches


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