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Also in the 2nd season Ik Beloof in Mij on SBS6, the men only want 1 thing

As of tonight, one of the most talked about TV shows of the past year is back on SBS6: I Believe in Me. In season two we see the artists on their way to their performance in Ziggo Dome, with of course a major role for René le Blanc. Who thinks it’s fine that people think he’s a jellyfish, but some things really go too far for him.

Their belief in themselves is envious. But that is also necessary if you want to survive in the music industry and if you have the big dream of becoming world famous. At least in the Netherlands, to begin with. They already have a regular fan base, and the nights were counted down enthusiastically:

Second season I Believe in Me

In this second season we look over the shoulders of pedigree artists such as Rutger van Barneveld, Dario, Johan Kettenburg, Wally McKey, Dave van Well, Gio and of course René Le Blanc, better known as the Dutch Engelbert Humperdinck. They do not hide their holy faith in themselves now and they only want one thing: to break through, rather yesterday than today.

I Believe in Me
And now with all the singers on it, in full regalia. Photo: Wessel de Groot

The men are followed closely on their way to ‘the concert of their life’, as it is seen by most. Performance in the Ziggo Dome, for 30 people (but with live stream). They try to prepare everything to perfection to crush everyone in the room, but this is not without a struggle. For example, the singers are not completely in line with the organization and there is, among other things, discussion about how many songs everyone is allowed to sing. But haggling or not, “what a party they have made it”, writes Ziggo Dome afterwards.


Many Dutch people have meanwhile become fans of the program and have come to love the men a little, and some a little more than others. René le Blanc is suddenly a well-known Dutchman and has been a guest on many talk shows. In the series we see how he deals with all the attention in the magazines and on TV, something he could only dream of until a year ago. The blouse with a high collar is back with a vengeance, thanks to him, the sympathetic singer thinks.

He thoroughly enjoys all the attention, but sometimes certain things really go too far for him, he said Privately. “In general, I only experience nice things. But I am happy that Gordon has collected 40,000 signatures with his petition against anonymous hatred on the internet. ” Because also Le Blanc gets hate thrown at his head.


When his mother-in-law died, there was a message about this on a showbiz site. “If you see what people dare to write under it… Under a false name, of course.” Mothers-in-law die every day, people wrote. “Of course it is, but if someone claims that I use her death for my fame, then the hair really stands up. My girlfriend and the family read this too! Everyone can have an opinion. And they may think I’m a jellyfish, but these kinds of lyrics go too far. ”

In any case, his fans are ready for it.

List for a hit

Dario is also fully featured again. He too wants more media attention and comes up with a ruse to score that dream number 1 hit.

Rutger van Barneveld finally gets his record deal, but his relationship with Ivana is suffering a few major dents due to all the interest.

And so much more happens in it I Believe in Me, in which the life of a Dutch artist is not always about roses, although they often sing about it, and in which everything turns out to be changeable, except for one thing. Their unshakable belief in themselves. Amen.

Singer René le Blanc from I Believe In Me keeps on going

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The men only want one thing in the new season I Believe in Me


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