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The Audacity software is used for quick and easy editing of audio files. The Audiomass tool, which runs purely in the browser, is an alternative to Audacity.

Audiomass is free, does not have to be installed as a browser tool and works without a backend. Go to the website and load any audio file into the browser using drag & drop. A whole range of editing tools such as “Fade in”, “Fade out,” Gain “or” Normalize “are available. Use the “File -> Export /” command to save the edited file on your PC. If you want to be sure that your music file remains on your PC when you edit it, select the “Store Offline Version” command after calling up A new browser window will now open in which all Audiomass commands have already been loaded.


The usual keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-Z for back, work in the browser with the Shift key instead of the Ctrl key. So to undo an action, press Shift-Z.


Audacity is an audio editor that can not only record and play music. The tool also imports and exports audio files.


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