Alternative to lockdown: Greens present new corona strategy

The Greens chairman Robert Habeck at the party conference in November

The Greens chairman Robert Habeck at the party conference in November

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The Greens boss Robert Habeck and the Green health politician Janosch Dahmen have written a strategy paper that aims to show an alternative to lockdowns in the fight against the corona virus.

The debate about openings on the one hand and a prolonged lockdown on the other is “fatally superficial” and suggests “that society and politics have to choose between two bad options,” says the three-page letter that has received. It is a “political failure of the federal government” not to present an alternative strategy.

Habeck and Dahmen are now trying to do this. You are calling for an “inclusive strategy” in the fight against the coronavirus, “beyond lockdown and opening”. However, this has prerequisites – “without these prerequisites, broad-based openings are wrong in the current phase of the pandemic.”

“Anyone who refuses AstraZeneca will lose the vaccination date”

The Green politicians are therefore calling on the federal and state governments to only decide on local and very cautious openings at their Corona summit on Wednesday. The spread of corona mutations in Germany makes another exponential growth in the number of infections likely. This could set Germany back for weeks.

To prevent this, the federal government must “change the Coronavirus Surveillance Ordinance in order to examine all positive tests for the mutation”. The fact that so far it has only been possible to roughly estimate how widespread the corona mutations are in Germany is “unacceptable”.

Furthermore, Dahmen and Habeck are calling for “more and faster” vaccinations, as soon as possible in medical practices as well. It is a “scandal” that over a million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have not been inoculated. The federal government must start a communication campaign to provide information about the effectiveness, safety and necessity of the vaccines. The Greens politicians also demand: “Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca loses the vaccination date and then has to wait in line again.”

Greens are demanding back rights for those who have tested negative and those who have been vaccinated

The second pillar of the Greens corona strategy: More corona tests, for everyone. “The aim must be that all citizens can foreseeably be able to test themselves at least twice a week for the duration of the pandemic,” says the paper. “PCR tests, rapid tests and self-tests must be available quickly and cheaply” – the federal government should guarantee this through purchase guarantees.

Habeck and Dahmen also call for negative test results to be equated with a vaccination against the coronavirus or immunity after illness. In all three cases, citizens should get their rights back: “Anyone who can prove a negative test result can resume certain activities, events, visits, and entry may be possible again.” The Green politicians propose the app as a uniform system for proving negative test results Luca, which should also be integrated into the Corona warning app.

“Freedom rights are individual, their full exercise is the rule, their restriction is the exception and requires a strong justification,” says the closing words of the green strategy paper. The state is therefore obliged to create the conditions so that rights are no longer restricted than absolutely necessary: ​​”If restrictions no longer help to contain the infection, they must not be maintained.”


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