‘Always a job with MBO technology due to energy transition’ | Financial

Researchers from the Ecorys consultancy calculated on behalf of the Dutch Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE) how many extra employees are needed.

At the same time, the number of MBO students in technology is expected to decrease by about 24,000 people between 2020 and 2030. The number of graduates with HBO technology is also declining.

“In fact, with MBO technology you have a job guarantee,” says Olof van der Gaag, director of the NVDE. “The hard work on the energy transition is also an important opportunity, especially in times of economic crisis, but it is also a critical condition for success for climate policy.”

According to the NVDE, measures must be taken to allow young people to opt for technical training. For example, tuition fees for MBO technology should be abolished and there should be an extra bonus for girls who opt for a technical education. Better retraining arrangements should also be put in place. And MBO students must be able to obtain a title, as is the case with university and higher vocational education.


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